Warning: Fantage DDos Attacks?!

If you’ve logged onto Fantage recently, you may have noticed that it’s not saving your login information currently and is being laggy. This is most likely because they are under some DDos attacks. It also seems like this has happened before.

Screenshot 2018-03-06 at 10.39.29 AM
This announcement seems pretty rushed and urgent. they even made some spelling mistakes, such as the wrong form of “area” and misspelling “apologize.”

This makes me wonder if that was why Fantage was being timed out yesterday, as I reported in my previous post. I wonder who’s behind all of this? I honestly don’t get why people try to mess with these games. It’s just childish.

I also made a YouTube video explaining the situation for the Fantagians over there. Please go check it out!

Overall, please be safe guys. Fantage is being very vague about the situation, but it’s probably because they don’t want to set off a panic in the community. If you’re scared of something happening to your account, it doesn’t hurt to change your password for the extra protection. I would maybe ride this out to see what comes of it.

How do you guys feel about this? I have to admit, it does makes me a little uneasy. Let’s talk about it in the comments! Hopefully my next posts won’t be about Fantage’s issues(lol). Bye now!


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