Fantage Mother’s Day 2017

After a little break without any events on Fantage, they have one for Mother’s Day! There are many events you can do, such as catching flowers at the Forest, creating origami flowers, and making cards for your mom! There are three types of flowers you can catch, and you need the three dresses(for girls) to be able to get them all. There are also other items you can buy too, but only the dresses let you catch the flowers. The outfits will automatically change though, so don’t worry about switching every time. Here are the outfits:

Screenshot 2017-05-12 at 6.55.57 AMScreenshot (147)Screenshot (147)

Yellow Petal Dress, Spring Shirt Dress, and Teal Floral Dress(game item)- 5,000 gold

Brown Cute Hair, Chic Blonde Cut, and Short Spring Hair- 4,000 gold

May Floral Crown, Pink Floral Crown, and Teal Flower Crown- 2,000 gold

Orange Heels, Pink Glitter Heels, and Teal Heels- 1,500 gold

If you just bought the dresses it would be 15,000 gold, and all of the items together would cost 39,500 (OOF!).

If you collect 30 of a flower you get an item, and when you get 90 in total you will receive a Mother’s Day board!


Also, if you log in on May 14th you will receive a free prize!

What do you guys think of this event? What about the outfits? Let me know in the comments! I’ll see you guys later!


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