The Best Ways to Get eCoins on Fantage (2017)


On Fantage, many people want to know how to acquire a lot of eCoins or gold without having to use their own money to get it. Even though there are a lot of articles already on how to get eCoins and such, I still wanted to write one. If you’re thinking, why even try to get eCoins? Well, usually if you buy items with them they will be coined, which means you can still wear them even if you don’t have a membership. They will also sell faster and for more in MyMall if you put it up for sale. Fantage also will offer half price for an item if you buy them with eCoins too.

Daily Attendance

Every day when you first log into Fantage, you get a reward of some sort. Sometimes one of the rewards is free eCoins. It’s not a super reliable way to get a lot of eCoins but it can add up after a while.

Screenshot (56)
An eCoin reward I received.

Lucky Bot

If you’d like to try your hand at Lucky Bot, there is a chance you could possibly leave with a pretty hefty amount of eCoins if odds are on your side. I usually don’t get the huge amount of eCoins when I use Lucky Bot, but who knows maybe one of you guys will!

Screenshot (66)
Though the chances are small, see how you could possibly win 31,000 eCoins? That’s a pretty big amount!


When you get a new bingo grid you can potentially win 200 eCoins. Not a lot but it’s something. This might be pretty easy if you already like to try and complete the bingo challenge, and you don’t have to pay anything, unlike Lucky Bot where you would have to pay gold or eCoins if you don’t have any coupons.

Screenshot (65)
200 eCoins isn’t a lot, but you could also get a coupon to try Lucky Bot!

Gold to eCoins Conversion

This one probably won’t work for most players. But on the off chance you have a decent amount of gold, you could always change them to eCoins at MyMall. When you exchange you will have the same amount either way, but sometimes having eCoins is more convenient if you don’t want to pay as much for something.


ID Fone 

The easiest way to get eCoins would probably have to be through your ID Fone. There is a button you can press to earn them by watching videos. Some reason for me it’s blacked out though(maybe because I’m a PM?). If you know feel free to let me know in the comments.

Screenshot (67)
See how I can’t press “earn eCoins?”

I hope that this helped you get some ideas on how to get some eCoins in-game. If you liked this article, comment or feel free to follow me for more!


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