Fantage Candy Catch Event

Now that the National Chili Day event has ended, the next event is Candy Catch. This event is going on from March 2nd until March 15th, and was inspired by the user alice457. In order to participate you have to play games at the Grotto (Magic Pop, Staries, Bullseye, Bubble Bug, or Candy Swap) to get puzzle pieces. You could also buy them for 2,000 gold. Just to let you know Premium Members will receive two times the levels for the medal. There are 9 total puzzle pieces in all.


During this event there will be two outfits that you will be able to get, the first ones being released today and the other two will be released on March 9th. Here are what these two outfits look like, and I believe they are user-inspired as well.

The first outfits(released today).

pinky_pink01’s Hair- 3,000 gold

pinky_pink01’s Shirt- 2,500 gold

pinky_pink01’s Skirt- 2,500 gold

pinky_pink01’s Shoes- 1,500 gold

The total amount of gold you would pay for the entire outfit would be 9,500 gold.

Screenshot (63)
The second girl outfit(released March 9th.)

prettyprincess42’s Hair- 3,000 gold

prettyprincess42’s Dress- 4,000 gold

prettyprincess42’s Lollipop-2,000 gold

prettyprincess42’s Shoes- 1,500 gold

prettyprincess42’s Board- 4,000 gold

The total amount of gold would be 14,500 gold.

Screenshot (64)
The third surprise outfit(released March 9th)!

michelle43220’s Hair- 4,000 gold

michelle43220’s Dress- 5,000 gold

michelle43220’s Shoes- 1,500 gold

michelle43220’s Board- 5,000 gold

The total amount of gold would be 15,500 gold.


What do you think of this event? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


4 thoughts on “Fantage Candy Catch Event

    1. amy

      Me too really!! how many games to we need to play to get a puzzle? I can only find sites that just describe the event that we already know, and just spending really money on medals, I don’t spend money on games like fantage, please someone tell us as a non-membership


      1. Honestly, I think you get the puzzle pieces at random while you are playing the games. I myself have only gotten one puzzle piece so far, and I hate spending gold on stuff like that too.


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