Outfit Of The Week #3: Fantage Flashback

I felt like trying to pick out an outfit that someone in Fantage would wear a couple years ago. Have you ever worn something like this on Fantage?



Mini Fantage Update- New Look for Le Shop and Star Cafe

This is another small update, but this afternoon when I logged into Fantage I noticed that they had changed the look of these two buildings. I like the old looks a little better, but these updated ones are more modern. What do you think of this new change?

New Star Cafe look.
Updated Le Shop.

National Chili Day and Fantage Server Change

Fantage has changed their server names! They updated them today, and as of now the most popular servers that people will be on is Amber Antelope and Banana Barracuda. There is also a new event going on from today until March 1st. It is called “National Chili Day.” In Downtown there is a Chili truck where you can serve dishes to people. In actuality you just have to wait until the serve button is green and you will get some tokens for prizes.



If you buy the limited items for these events (using gold of course ughh) you can increase the number of orders that you get by two times.

Tex Mex Hat- 2,000 gold

Rose Pink Hair- 4,000 gold

Off Shoulder Shirt- 3,000 gold

Maroon Ripped Jeans- 3,000 gold

Brown Flats- 1,500 gold

Fantage Chili Truck- 6,000 gold

If you bought all of these items the total would be 19,500 gold. Not bad but is still pretty pricey.


What do you guys think of this event? The server name changes? Share your thoughts in the comments!